As a kid, I grew up with my Mom, Step Dad, and siblings.  My stepdad served in the Air Force for almost a decade and tested up to an E6.  Most of my childhood was shaped by military life because of that.  My family and I were stationed at Travis AFB for years prior to being transferred to Nellis AFB.  I learned a lot, saw a lot, and experienced a lot from growing up in a home with military folks.  My Grandfather retired after serving 22.5 years in the Air force.  He’s now laid to rest at Sacramento National Veterans Park.  I still currently have several family members serving active duty as well.  Supporting our troops is something very personal to me because, I was that kid who grew up loving being around it all, and I participated in everything available to me that Travis & Nellis AFB had to offer; air shows, parades, base sports leagues, shopping at the BX, traveling to other bases etc.  I know first hand that our family and yours, our US Soldiers give it all through very tough circumstances.  For far too many of you, “You” have seen your comrades, brothers, and sisters in arms make the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country!  All of us here at LV AUDIO TINT RIMS & CUSTOMS would like to recognize your loyalty, service, and sacrifices made on our behalf.  I know you’re looking for a place like ours who appreciates all of you Active Duty Soldiers and VETS.  We are prepared to do everything reasonably possible to give you the best service we have to offer.  That means great deals on the products we offer, quality installations, and recognition for your service!  Thank you again for all you’ve done for those of us you know and care about, and for all of those who will always remain strangers…  We’re offering any Active Duty, Inactive Duty, VET, Military Spouse / Child with current Base ID for any US / Foreign Base a discount of up to 20% OFF the items you’ll be purchasing here at LV AUDIO TINT RIMS & CUSTOMS  10-20% OFF for you because we Respect, Honor, and Appreciate all of You!  Don’t forget to let us know you found us, and this discount on our website.  You deserve a deal, and we hope to make your deal when you visit us at LV AUDIO TINT RIMS & CUSTOMS.  Please print out the coupons on this page or present them on your mobile device prior to check out 🙂

Your friend and patriot,

Michael J Armstrong Jr 

Let us know your military status so we can SERVE YOU!



I want to give an honorable mention regarding the 10 years plus service that my brother Dujuan “JUAN” Robinson has given to the City of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, along with my brother these brave men and women have an incredible task showing up to save the lives of people, animals, and property in our community, and they do this without prejudice to age, religion, class, or neighborhood.  My words “thank you” do not even come close to show the appreciation we all feel for the first responders in our state.  Thank you all anyway!  

Michael J Armstrong Jr


I want to take a moment to give my personal thank you to all the members of Law Enforcement.  My family and I understand the service and sacrifice you all make as well.  The lifetime commitment all first responders make is truly a life of selflessness, service, and sacrifice for the good of others!   We all share a rich heritage of fidelity, integrity, and courage, this is an unbreakable bond of all Law Enforcement and First Responders. 

Matthew 22:14

 “For many are called but few are chosen!”

Stay safe out there, may you be blessed and all prosper.

Rae-Ann C. Armstrong