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Skin Cancer Facts  

Skin Cancer and Window Tint

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint as part of a comprehensive sun protection program. This recommendation often comes as a surprise because most people think only of outdoor sun safety when they think of skin cancer prevention. While wearing sunscreen, covering up and staying in the shade are all keys to helping protect against the sun’s Ultraviolet Rays (UV) while outside, you should consider a complete approach to prevention that includes protecting yourself and your family while indoors, especially on the road.

Protection in Your Vehicle

Only high-line and premium window tint films offer all-day skin protection which helps prevent skin cancer. MADICO Wincos window tint acts as a “sunscreen” providing daily sun protection with a one-time application. It blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays and offers a long-term solution to help prevent skin cancer. But not everyone prefers the look of traditional window tint. While all products in the MADICO Wincos window tint line offer UV protection, and film shades from 10% – 90% VLT.  The clear tint appeals to those who do not want the darker window tint appearance or where the use of dark window tint is prohibited by state laws.

Facts about Sun Damage and Driving

Damage from certain kinds of ultraviolet rays is cumulative. “UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and can silently accelerate the aging process, cause wrinkles and even skin cancer,” says Dr. Dee Anna Glaser, vice- chair of the dermatology department at St. Louis University. Unlike UVB rays which create immediate effects like blistering and burns, UVA rays create long-term damage that is not immediately noticeable. “That’s why many people don’t realize their skin is getting damaged from sitting near windows in cars or even at their desks at work,” says Dr. Glaser.

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation:

  • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime.
  • Research shows that drivers in the U.S. have a higher rate of skin cancer on their left side due to exposure while driving.
  • UVA rays account for 90% of the sun’s most damaging rays and are present all day, every day of the year.
  • You can’t get sunburned in your car, but UVA rays can still reach you.
  • Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States.
  • More than 90% of the visible changes commonly attributed to skin aging are caused by the sun.




























Automotive window film treatments FAQ:

Q:  What brand of automotive window tinting film do you offer? Which series of film from the manufacturer do you install & what are their warranties?

A:  We only carry high-line and premium level window films here at LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS. We currently use MADICO Wincos IR Films, and SunTek brand window film & P.P.F.  With your choice of a charcoal based colored Carbon XP series an IR technology based film that is color stable, eliminating any fading or purpling of the film. The Carbon CXP Nano Hybrid i.e. Ceramic film carries the same features as the Carbon XP, but adds highly transparent shades with superior heat, infrared and UV rejection.  We only offer non- metalized, non-fading window films at LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS do to the extreme temperatures in Nevada and its regional states. All three lines Wincos, Carbon XP & Carbon CXP films are; signal enabling technology that causes no interference with cell phones, radios, or navigation system signals. These films use infrared technology to absorb massive amounts of heat from the sun! It’s your vehicles interior cabins best friend outside of yourself.

  • Do not let what seems like saving a few dollars on a cheap window tint installation at a subpar window tint shop mislead YOU, they only stock cheap, crappy film, and take advantage of your lack of knowledge of our industry. You can bet that!  Those $99- $120 tint shop jobs will cost you time, money, regret, & aggravation down the road. Many window tint films do not offer anything close to high heat rejection. Privacy yes while it last, high heat rejection NO! Don’t be FOOLED! ALL cheap quality films are made from a thin laminate with a reduced quality adhesive which bubbles over time, as well the dyed film tends to turn purple within the first 6-12 months, or just fades lighter, and lighter!  You will be left feeling HOT, HOT, HOT!  PRICE V.S COST 🙁
  • In our industry a verbal warranty is a bogus one, the film warranty is issued by the manufacturer, and is done in writing with the dealer info, & serial numbers from the roll it was pulled from.  MADICO Wincos IR, SunTek Carbon & CXP series window film offer a lifetime warranty it’s a national US coast to coast warranty in all lower 48 states this works well for our US Military folks who receive transfer orders, but not to worry all of our customers receive a warranty card with peace of mind!
  • We’ve all seen it!  The bad, the cheap, the faded, peeling, purpling, and bubbling window tint. These are all examples of horrible experiences from choosing a subpar window tint service from UNETHICAL companies, a friend who’s done a few cars, the Mobile Tinter’s, and Auto DealerShip’S (PRE-LOADING VEHICLES 🙁 WITH POOR QUALITY WINDOW TINT).  They don’t care about you!  They’re ALL just out for a quick buck and not in it for what’s BEST for You….




Q: Does LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS tint the (FULL) front windshield of vehicles? (UV SCREEN / ANTI-GLARE) Most important benefits: Eye protection, Skin protection, Protect your interior, and Dash!

A: Absolutely!

We will do a window tint treatment on your vehicles windshield, but this treatment will only be done with our high quality, high heat rejection, and anti-glare transparent window films, pricing starts out at $120.00 with the Carbon Series film. The price increases along with the transparency of the shades for the CXP, and Wincos line. The Ultimate in a transparent (no pigment) UV SCREEN film will be in the Wincos IR film and the CXP film series. The UV SCREEN is the best thing for any person with visibility irritation from the Sunlight, (PHOTOPHOBIA), cataracts, or even bright headlights during night time driving.  The UV SCREEN treatments can reduce the suns GLARE up to 46% off the front windshield as well. Please read this important article related to UV exposure from the Sun copy and paste the following link into your address box.

Many people will seek the state’s waiver for the usage of the darker shade films usually because of circumstances related to skin diseases, skin cancer, vision. Please speak to your Physician or Optometrist related to the state waiver.

**This is not the Glare Strip that goes across the top!

Automotive Window Tint Quotes:

Q: How much will my window tint cost me for my particular vehicle?

A: Our window tint flat rate per window is minimum $40.00 Per passenger window (nonwindshield, sunroof, or rear back window) with our Carbon Series.  Rear windows vary in shape, size, and curve, because of those factors are starting flat rate per window is $60.00 with our Carbon series.

Our Wincos IR and CXP product prices aren’t listed.

We recommend you call for a quote on our dedicated window tint line for our in-house specials!

(702) 383-8468 or 702-383-TINT.

We run in-store specials throughout the year.  We want our patrons to get the best deal possible, so always check in with us, or check out our web specials.

SunTek Window Films are proudly engineered and made in the USA!LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS SunTek FILMS MADE IN THE USA


1.  Craftsmanship window tinting GUARANTEE. Within 30 days of the initial installation, but after the curing period.  We need to hear from you about the installation craftsmanship if you are not satisfied. We will schedule an inspection time to review the window in question. If there is an issue we can resolve within a matter of 10 minutes, or less we will at that time resolve the issue for you. If the craftsmanship issue will require us to remove and replace the film this requires an appointment to resolve. At that point, we will schedule a warranty appointment for you. It is a priority for us to resolve any craftsmanship issues with your window tint. We take pride in our work therefore if you are a reasonable person, and not 100% satisfied with the craftsmanship on any window we’re offering you a peace of mind guarantee. You must make contact with LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS within the first 30 days of the initial installation, but only after the curing period has passed to schedule the craftsmanship inspection, or Removal & Replacement.

2.  Regarding the window film WARRANTY that is provided to our customers. We only offer film series that come with a comprehensive lifetime national warranty. We understand that people come, and go from the Las Vegas area including our local military that receives transfers. This is why using a film manufacturer that gives a National Lifetime Warranty on its films is the only choice for LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS.

Discounts for US Military, First Responders, & Seniors

Q: Does LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS offer any upfront discounts for US Military, First Responders, & Senior citizen

A: We certainly do! Our discounts will be applied at the time of sale for any US Military Service Member with their proper credentials, First Responders & Senior citizens with proper ID.  The range of discounts available will be determined by purchase category i.e. installed with us, or cash & carry!  LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS offers 10%-20% discount. Terms and conditions for Military folks are outlined in the on our website, please read full terms & conditions including exclusions.  As a policy, we will not combine this discount with items on clearance, web specials, or items on sale, LABOR, package deals, services for sale on the daily deal sites; GROUPON, AMAZON, or LivingSocial.


Minimum labor Rate vs. Flat rate for Installations

Q: What is your minimum shop rate?

A: The minimum hourly shop rate is $85.00 Per hour but this does not qualify in all situations, for instance, our Custom labor rate is $115 Per Hour. European, Exotic & other luxury vehicles will be quoted on a case by case basis.

A1. The flat rate is applied in more situations than not, & is a benefit to the Patron because installation times can vary per vehicle Brand, model, & trim level. Please give us a call at (702) 371-1617 for your audio or 12volt installation questions.


Car Audio / Video / Navigation FAQ:

Q: Do you have a warranty on your installations?

A: Absolutely. We have a 100% free diagnose lifetime warranty on all of our installations. (No Tampering!). No tampering or adjustments will be made to any installation wiring or settings by a customer or anyone else to that fact. No individual not affiliated as a current employee while actively at his or her workplace while on company time, will be authorized to modify the installation, and a signed work order must be filled out and signed by the customer, or this will void the warranty for the free diagnose lifetime warranty.  In many cases, any tampering by a consumer will also VOID the product warranty from most 12V manufactures.

We offer a free 30-day exchange on faulty equipment purchased, & installed from any of the ENCORE MOTORSPORTS LLC stores d.b.a LV AUDIO & Customs, LV HOG MOD SHOP.


Quotes on labor for CPE Equip a.k.a Customer Provided Equipment.

Q: Do you install equipment not purchased at your store?

A: Yes, we can give you a more accurate quote if you bring the equipment and the vehicle to the store.


Customer Provided Equipment a.k.a CPE FAQ:

Q: Will you install equipment that I bought on the Internet, private party, or your competitor?

A: Yes we will! You are much better off buying the equipment that best suits your needs from LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS. The reality is that most equipment sold online is not coming from an authorized reseller. People buying online are taking a chance on whether the equipment is refurbished, counterfeit, stolen, or a knockoff.  When you make your equipment investment with us, you can be assured that you are investing in genuine, high-quality equipment, that our training and experience tells us is the best system application for your needs.

* When it comes to CPE vehicle security products, alarms, remote start systems, or keyless entry systems.  We will only install products manufactured by DIRECTED Electronics: VIPER, Clifford, Python, Avital, SMART START, AutoMate.


Adding Audio features to existing equipment or aftermarket equip.

Q: Can I add Bluetooth to my vehicle so that I can comply with the new cell phone use law?

A: Yes, for most vehicles. In some cases, it can even be added to your factory audio system. Please check in-store for details.

Q: Can I stream music from my iPod or iPhone?

A: Yes, for most vehicles. Some vehicles may require a new radio or CD player while others can use the existing factory sound or infotainment system. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff looks forward to working with you to determine what the best fit is for your needs.

Q: Can I add satellite radio to my existing system?

A: It depends on if you have the factory stereo that came with your vehicle or if you have a car stereo that was purchased aftermarket. We would need to see the specific vehicle into which you want the satellite radio installed.


General Audio questions:

Q: Can my factory speakers handle a high-powered CD receiver?
A: Your factory speakers should have no problem at all handling the output from one of our high-powered in-dash CD receivers, but there are limits to their performance. Speaker performance is critical to listening enjoyment, so we recommend adding quality, aftermarket speakers as soon as you can, so that you can really take full advantage of the big, rich sound your new receiver has to offer.

Q: How much power do I need to get optimum performance from my car’s sound system?

A: Since every car stereo is different, there’s no magic “wattage formula.” As long as you stay within the recommended power range of your speakers, increasing power will always add richness and depth to your music. Compare a spinet piano to a concert grand. The small piano is good enough to play music clearly, but move up to a grand and you’ll gain better tone, greater harmonic detail, and more volume. The larger instrument is simply more powerful.

Here are a couple things to consider, though:

* How efficient are your speakers? Your speakers themselves have a direct influence on the overall “power” of your system. If you’re planning on powering your speakers with your in-dash receiver, efficient speakers (sensitivity of 90 dB or higher) will give you more bang for the buck. Installing high-performance component speakers? An outboard amp will generate maximum performance.

* Are you adding a subwoofer? Subs need substantial amounts of power to reproduce the lowest tones, so it’s essential to use an outboard amplifier with them. You should count on using more power for bass than you use to power all your full-range speakers. If your receiver puts out 20 watts RMS x 4 channels (80 watts total), send at least 80 watts to your sub. Using a 50-watt x 4 amp to drive your components? Dedicate at least 200 watts for bass.
* How good is your wiring? Your system’s chain of components is only as strong as its weakest link, so don’t cheat your amps and speakers with substandard power cable and speaker wire.
* Before you buy, consider your car. If you drive a quiet vehicle with the windows up, you’ll need much less power than someone who off roads or use of an open environment vehicle. Speaker location, extraneous road/car noise, noise damping material, and personal taste are factors that may affect how much power you’ll need in your ride.

Q: How much power does it take to get good bass from my sub?

A: When matching up an amplifier to a subwoofer, it’s important to look at continuous power. Many subwoofers and amplifiers are rated at both continuous and peak power; however, continuous power is the best indicator of what your gear can really handle. Try to match the continuous (or RMS) power rating of the sub to an amplifier with a similar continuous (or RMS) power rating. Err on the side of too much power. It is actually better (for the amp and the sub) to have too much amp and run it below its maximum output than to try and push a sub with an amp that is a little underpowered. Using an underpowered amp causes it to clip, which causes distortion that can damage your sub and amp.

Q: How much power does a factory stereo produce?

A: It varies from model to model and trim level to trim level. They are normally much less powerful than their aftermarket cousins, however. Recently, more and more car manufacturers are coming out with upgraded stereo options that make high-wattage claims. What is important to remember is that the ratings displayed are usually a bit… optimistic. The 100 watts that the window sticker brags about probably translates into something like 4 channels of power at 25 watts peak power per channel. This means that the factory system is actually supplying about 10 watts per channel of continuous power (a more usable measurement). That’s not bad, but most aftermarket decks provide around 22 watts of continuous power per channel: that’s more than twice as much clean power getting to your speakers – delivering improved sound and increased volume. Even if the power difference doesn’t matter all that much to you, aftermarket stereos offer a wide variety of advantages also. These include compatibility with aftermarket upgrades like CD changers, amplifiers and high-tech toys like MP3 changers, or mobile video systems and nice features like detachable face security and enhanced displays.

Q: I’m looking at speakers, and their efficiency ratings are only a little different. Does this rating even matter?

A: Efficiency is one of the most important specs to look at when you buy a speaker or subwoofer. You want to get the sound that you can, right? Then you want an efficient speaker. For every 3dB of difference, the amount of wattage that you need to play at the same volume doubles. For example, if all other things are equal, a subwoofer with an 89dB efficiency rating needs 200 watts of power to play at the same volume that a subwoofer with an efficiency rating of 91dB with only 100 watts going to it. By choosing an efficient sub, you squeeze every bit of bass possible from your amplifier.

Q: What if I want to listen to my iPod® or other MP3 players with a new CD receiver?

A: You’re in luck. Many new CD receivers have built-in iPod controls, tied to a USB input on the front or rear of the receiver – plug in your iPod and you’re ready to go. These USB inputs will also let you plug in thumb drives or other USB storage devices loaded with music files. A further number of receivers will accept an iPod adapter that adds that capability to the receiver.

A majority of receivers also offer auxiliary inputs. You can plug almost any audio device into these receivers with a simple patch cord. Remember, with an “aux in” connection, you won’t have control of your iPod or other players from the receiver, but it’s a simple, easy way to enjoy your player’s music library when you’re on the road.


Vehicle Security / Remote Start / GPS

Q: Can install a remote start system to my manual transmission vehicle?

A: Yes it is possible, we encourage you to check with your local state, city, & county laws regarding the liability, but it is not legal in most situations to do so for liability reasons. There are failsafe products available on the market for manual transmission vehicles to install a remote start. We can consider it if a failsafe device is installed with the remote start.

We only carry vehicle security from DIRECTED i.e. VIPER, Clifford, Python, Avital, DIRECTED SMART START, & AutoMate 

DIRECTED brands offer a Lifetime or Limited Lifetime Warranty on their products please click on the link for more information.


Does adding a remote starter void my vehicles factory warranty?

NO! Absolutely Not!


Consumer Info Related to Aftermarket Equip. & Factory Warranty

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was signed into law On January 4, 1975, Protecting consumers.

You want to upgrade your vehicle with aftermarket equipment, but you’re worried about putting the vehicle’s warranty at risk. It’s no wonder, how many times have you heard someone at a dealership say that installing aftermarket equipment automatically voids the warranty? This common misconception has been repeated often enough to be widely believed -though it is completely false.

Fact: Dealers don’t like warranty work because it pays less than normal repair work. By promoting the myth that aftermarket equipment automatically voids warranties, some dealers avoid such low-paying work. Instead, they attempt to charge customers the prime service rate for work which is rightfully done under warranty.

Most vehicle owners are not aware they are protected by federal law: the Magnuson-Moss Warranty – Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act of 1975. Under the MMW Act, aftermarket equipment which improves performance does not void a vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty; unless the warranty clearly and conspicuously states that aftermarket equipment voids the warranty (ours does not). Most states have warranty statutes, as well. Which provide further protections for vehicle owners?

In other words, that means a dealer can’t wiggle out of his legal warranty obligation merely because you install aftermarket equipment. To find out if any aftermarket equipment automatically voids your vehicle’s warranty, check the owner’s manual. It will be under the sections titled “What is not covered”. Your vehicle manufacturer is simply saying he does not cover the aftermarket products themselves. He is not saying that the products would void the vehicle warranty.

Suppose your modified vehicle needs repairs while still under warranty. Without analyzing the true cause of the problem, the dealer attempts to deny warranty coverage. He made his decision simply based on the fact that you’ve installed aftermarket equipment – a convenient way to dodge low-paying warranty work.

Fact: A dealer must prove – not just say – that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before he can deny warranty coverage on that basis.

Point out to the dealer the provision of the MMW Act. Require that he explain to you how the aftermarket equipment caused the problem. If he can’t – or his explanation sounds questionable – it is your legal right to demand he complies with the warranty.

If you are being unfairly denied warranty coverage, there is recourse. The Federal Trade Commission, which administers the MMWAct, monitors compliance with warranty issues. Direct complaints to the FCT at (202) 326-3128.