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Let me start by giving a sincere Thank You to all who have supported us over the years.  We can’t do what we do without all of you!  We hope you are completely happy with our services!  If for any reason your experience was less than excellent, please contact us via email at: lvaudioshop@gmail.com, or give a call to our Customer Relations Manager,  Michael J. Armstrong Jr at (702) 371-1617 to discuss the matter.

As technology continues to evolve so have the many methods of exchanging information changed. We see many people rely more than ever on customers to post reviews, and testimonials about their experience online.

· There is nothing more variable and uncertain but public opinion – Napoleon Bonaparte

Here at LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS,  Your experience with us is invaluable, and we encourage you to place your thoughts with US, and the rest of the world for everyone to see, and help create a marketplace that is more transparent, and useful for all. We are glad that so many people have thought highly enough of US, and posted so many 5* ratings based on their awesone experiences here at LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS currently ranking us the highest rated Car Audio & Window Tint shop on Google in Nevada per capita!

* A message from the Owner;

Michael J. Armstrong Jr,

I personally enjoy responding to all reviews in every situation.  Now when it comes to those people who are determined to write a review based on senseless fabrications, exaggeration of an event, use of derogatory statements, or inflammatory remarks.  I will not hesitate to call you out for it.  I am committed to the truth rather it’s in LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS favor, or not!  I give you my word!

Michael J. Armstrong Jr


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