Las Vegas Car Alarms, Remote Start, Smart Start & GPS Tracking

Protect yourself, family and investment, by having a Vehicle Security System, or GPS installed on your Automobile, Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, UTV or RV.  Nowadays most insurance companies offer a range of discounts off your insurance policy premium for purchasing an aftermarket car alarm (vehicle security) and having a fully qualified Authorized Dealer and installation shop, like ours here at LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS.  As a bonus, we are a Preferred Dealer for Directed Electronics and with your purchase and installation of specific Viper security systems, DIRECTED offers a $2500.00 GPP.   Some Clifford, and Python vehicle security product lines that we sell and install may qualify also qualify for the $2500.00 (Guarantee Protection Plan) GPP.  So what is the GPP?  Well, inquire with us for further details!  Parents the SmartStart w/GPS is a great way to keep your teenage drivers honest.  We do offer several stand-alone GPS systems especially to parents who may have concerns about their teenager’s whereabouts while operating a vehicle you own and insure lol.  You can have a little more peace of mind and have access you wouldn’t have without the GPS system.  Give yourself the ability to monitor special features, and alerts that will help keep you in the know, when, where and “how FAST?”.  Interested in keeping your insurance cost down, as well as your vehicle, and child out of harm’s way standalone GPS or adding the SmartStart w/GPS to any of the DIRECTED brand’s vehicle security systems. GPS can also be used in the event of a vehicle theft as an aid in recovering a stolen vehicle.  Have you ever forgotten where you parked your vehicle while out and about?  The Viper VSM350 can help you with that!  


Our team members are experienced installers with the proper product knowledge who are able and willing to help you discover the best features of your vehicle and concerns.  In my professional opinion, the DIRECTED brand product lines are the BEST  value and quality aftermarket vehicle security systems available on the market today!  We currently stock in our inventory several models from VIPER, Avital, and DIRECTED Smart Start product lines.  Other products brands from DIRECTED such as Clifford, Python, Ready Start and AutoMate can be readily available in a day or so.  An added bonus for all of You, starting with any DIRECTED vehicle security products there are optional expansion features such as GPS, remote start, keyless entry, electronic trunk release, * Power Sliding Door release, window automation, auxiliary for door poppers & plenty more….  *NEW tech items entering the comfort & convenience segment from DIRECTED includes the; Viper VSK100-1 & VSS3001 SMARTSTART using Bluetooth from your mobile device for remote start, and 100% keyless entry!  



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StreetEagle is GPS on steroids, providing the next generation of GPS tracking, monitoring, and protection for your vehicle. With real-time GPS tracking, automatic location updates, vehicle history mapping and reports, vehicle monitoring alerts, and vehicle control from any connected device, StreetEagle helps you stay connected 24/7.
With over 15 years of experience in GPS vehicle tracking, StreetEagle continues to be a leader in the industry. Our expertise in GPS technology and wireless communications means that you can rely on us when you need it the most.

Do you have any questions?  Contact us directly and let us know how we can help.  702-371-1617

Check out a few of the Street Eagle GPS features below:                  




Advanced Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking     

Real-Time Vehicle Location

 Automatic Vehicle Location: StreetEagle automatically sends your vehicle’s location when started, parked, and in transit. Depending on your service plan, StreetEagle sends in transit locations as frequent as every two minutes. No need to ping your vehicle to find out where it is, or better yet, where it was. See a screenshot.

 Ping Vehicle: Though StreetEagle tracks your vehicle automatically, you can additionally ping your vehicle to retrieve its current location, status, speed, heading, and address.

 Real-time GPS Tracking: StreetEagle retrieves your vehicles current location once a second from GPS satellites. This location information is stored onboard the GPS to accurately determine the distance traveled, and deliver GPS locations with an accuracy of +- 5 feet.

 24/7 Vehicle Recovery Services: in the case that your vehicle is stolen, you can quickly put your vehicle into recovery mode. This automatically sets your vehicle to begin tracking every 10 seconds. From StreetEagle, you can also send a link to your local authorities to allow them to track and recover the vehicle in real-time


Vehicle Location History

 Breadcrumb Trail Mapping: StreetEagle stores your vehicles location history for up to 6 months to allow you to view your vehicle’s past activity on the map. Since StreetEagle tracks your vehicle, it gives you a full breadcrumb trail to determine when and where your vehicle traveled throughout the day.


 Detailed GPS Location History: On the history map, each location update contains an array of information about your vehicle at each point. This information includes location (latitude, longitude), speed, ignition status (parked/started), heading, motion sense, and approximate address.


 Complete Activity Reports: StreetEagle displays your vehicle’s historical activity on a printable report, providing all activity including when the vehicle starts, parks, travels, speeds, and idles. Mileage driven throughout the day is also included. Summary statistics give you totals for mileage traveled, mileage speeding, time in transit, time speeding, time idling, and time parked.