Window Tinting Las Vegas

STAY COOL like never before!!! LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS is absolutely A best in class shop in service and quality peace of mind at affordable prices…
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We support The TROOPS

We know that our US Soliders give it all, & for far to many of you, ”You” have seen your comrades, brothers, and sisters in arms make the ultimate sacrifcies for all of US…
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Car Alarms, Remote Start, Smart Start & GPS Tracking

Protect yourself, family, and investment, by having a Vehicle Security System, or GPS tracking device installed on your auto, motorcycle, boat, or RV… Now days most insurance companies offer discounts on your premium…
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Car Audio, Video, Bluetooth & Navigation

Here at LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS we have a great selection of 12 volt electronics to choose from…. Including 12 volt batteries to go with the MONSTER BASS your after…
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Who We Are!

Welcome to our website, thank you for taking your time to discover who we are.  For many years we have been enriching the lives of those in the Las Vegas community, and beyond.  We are a core group of individuals who thrive from our passion’s, our INTEGRITY & commitment to give the Southern Nevada community a special place to bring their vehicles in for upgrades, & be treated like family!  We like to reward our community by being honest with them, knowledgeable, skilled & trained for the work we do!  Our crew of talented individuals who give their very BEST of their years of experience for the benefit of our customers.  To keep it simple we reward ourselves with the satisfaction of working hard, and a job well done for our customers as we prosper!  We are not perfect by any measure we’re honest enough with ourselves & our patrons about that, but we are committed to the art of perfection and excellence in everything we do.  The proof of that is in our relentlessness in the pursuit of excellence for our customers!  We strive to be great at what we do.  We’re thoughtful in our approach, and consider the various challenges we will face with any installation.  We are sure footed, and all of us have integrity in our hearts.  We are not out for the Con, or a quick buck, so you can plan on being apart of our family of customers for your lifetime.  We are a quality outfit so we don’t except everyone’s business!  If we think you won’t make sense as a member of our family of customers we will turn you away, nothing personal this is obviously a two way street!  We want to do what makes sense for LV AUDIO TINT RIMS & CUSTOMS we all work extremely hard for the benefit of our customers, and we like that our customers value that about us!  We simply love what we do & what comes with the satisfaction of upgrading features on vehicles. This is a form of art and personal expression for US!  We personally expect every team member to give the same level of EXCELLENCE to our community that I personally give our community as a Police Officer for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department…..

Please keep this all in perspective when evaluating doing business with us :)






















Give us a call so we can better serve you!

(702) 371-1617 Car Audio, Rims & Accessories

(702) 383-TINT (8468) Window Tint & Paint Protection (PPF)

3231 N Decatur Blvd Suite 110
Las Vegas, NV 89130-3267

What We are good at:

Here at LV AUDIO & CUSTOMS we provide services to several thousand patrons a year from those who only live a few blocks away to our customers that visit us from as far as the Canadian region.  We have a wide base of clients reaching many demographics, and we really like that!  We strive in all phases of our interactions with new, and returning customers alike to offer everyone the BEST possible experience from the first interactions until the moment we say our so long!  We are STRIVEN to create long term relationships with all our patrons, built around great customer service, quality product’s, and installations that are performed here by our industry professionals. We offer a wide range of window tint services to cool you down on those hot summer days.  If it’s Car Audio your after we offer services from, remote start alarms with on demand GPS tracking, as well as custom high fidelity sound systems, and custom built boxes.  Our professional installations are always guaranteed.  We offer a variety of 12Volt electronics that will keep you in the new age of tech gear for your vehicle!  My team is who YOU can trust because WE are Good at that!  We recommend you checkout our photos, and post on our Google + page the link is located at the bottom of the TESTIMONIALS page. We are very reasonable Folk’s around here, so we ask that you take a look at the graph below.  Consider the facts are we can offer our customers any two combinations on the graph.  Let us know which two options that work best for you, and your situation when we provide our services to you.


Car Audio Video & Navigation
Vehicle Security GPS & Safety
Window Tinting & Paint Protection
Motorcycle Audio & Lighting
L.E.D Lighting L.E.D Underglow Lighting

Clients say















  • Got my HID lights on my car, cant say enough about this place the service is great and the quality of my lights is perfect. i will definitely recommend this place anyone and will be back again!
    Junior A
    from Junior A
  • I came in to have my windows tinted on my SUV - good service, reasonable pricing, and great product line. I appreciate that these are honest people who take pride in their work.
    Heather E.
    from Heather E
  • I got my windows tinted and my radio installed and I'm 100% satisfied. I will recommended to all of my family and friends.
    Keneece A
    from Keneece A
  • I bought a livingsocial deal for LV Audio. I called for the appt, and was surprised to find that the first time available was almost two months out. But I made it anyway. Fast forward two months and I walk into the store to drop the car off. Mike was very helpful and talked me through my options and fully explained the costs of any optional add-ons. He even walked me into the back to show me examples of what he was talking about, so I could see it in person instead of trying to imagine it. I didn't stay in the store and wait, so I have no comment on the length of time the tinting took. He called when it was ready. And boy! Was the car pretty when they were finished! I've waited to write this review to make sure the curing period had passed. I am completely satisfied with the service and work done at LV Audio. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs tint on their car.
    Darby L Yelp review
    from Darby L
  • I can't say enough good things about this company. Excellent service, clean shop, clean restrooms, friendly staff, very knowledgeable and D went above and beyond to help us out today. I would go back for more service without even second guessing it and I will be sure to also refer people to this business for car audio needs.
    from Jayme Esgar
  • Mike and the guys at LV Audio hooked up my 2013 Mustang with navigation, backup camera, radar detector and tint. Everyone at the shop is very professional and the work done is top notch. If I ever get more work done in the future, it will definitely be from here.
    from Chris Whipple
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